The Ad Lib

Newsletter December 11th, 2020

Hello Friends,

Happy Holidays! Let’s catch up on what’s happening at the theatre….

Of course, we are closed…. for now. I know we will come back again and what a joy that will be to entertain people again! We love movies and we love sharing them with you. One of the top lessons I have learned throughout this past year is that, even introverts like me, need people and need to share common experiences. There is something so breathtaking and satisfying about sharing a movie, or a concert, or a play with others. As part of an audience, we are all on this trip together and those experiences absolutely feed us.

During our closure, we will continue to provide take-out popcorn, candy, and soda. I have noticed during these times of stress that the orders for large popcorns with extra butter spike. Don’t worry! We won’t spill the beans on your popcorn preferences.

We continue to clean and organize. This past week we tackled the projector room. You would not have believed the amount of cords, batteries, plugs, and miscellaneous “techie” parts. These are all nicely categorized and stored in boxes. We are faced with the Herculean task of organizing the mountain of DVD/BluRays we have gathered together. Yikes!

We hung a number of movie posters in the shared office. I think our next move is to paper the hallway with movie posters. The graphics on these movie posters are fun and bring back good memories of good movies. My favorite posters, so far, are of the Narnia and Lord of the Rings series.

You may need a holiday boost about now so why not drive by the theatre between Saturday, December 12th and Thursday, December 24th and listen to The Cinnamon Bear?

The Cinnamon Bear is really such a cute radio show serial that originally aired in 1937. We have decided to broadcast this classic for everyone to enjoy and remember a simpler time. Just tune your car radio to 89.1 FM and stay within two blocks of the theatre to listen in that day’s two episodes.

Kids will love it and so will you, I guarantee. Just take these moments to be still. Consider not multi-tasking. Just listen and let your imagination roam along with Judy, Jimmy, The Cinnamon Bear, Crazy Quilt, the Candy Pirates, and other cute characters in this holiday series.

If you prefer, you can listen to each day’s episodes on our website or download your own copy of The Cinnamon Bear at __________

Until next time, we’ll just keep popping,