Full School & Team Party Information

Feature Film

You can view the feature film we are playing on the date of your party or if the feature is not appropriate for your group or you are not interested in the current feature, you can bring anything on DVD or BluRay instead.  Internet streaming is also a possibility.  Our feature film is subject to change until five days prior to the event.  On occasion we can confirm our feature more than five days in advance but the process is subject to the powers that be and is out of our control.   

Food And Drinks

Your party includes x-small popcorn and sodas.  We have tables we can set up and a counter in the lobby you can use. You may bring in your own food, drinks, cake, candy, etc.  If your party is intended for adults and you would like to purchase alcohol from our bar, please let us know so that we can staff accordingly.


Feel free to decorate the lobby and auditorium - it can be a lot of fun for themed parties!  We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early so that you can greet your guests as they arrive.  If you are planning to decorate or have extensive setup, you may arrive up to 30 minutes early. Let us know if you need more time for setup and we’ll see what we can accommodate.

Screen, Music, and Stage

The screen and sound system are entirely at your disposal during your party.  We can play pictures, slides, or video clips on screen before or after the movie.  Simply bring the desired media on a flash drive or send it by email in advance. If you don’t have any media or can’t decide, simply name a theme and we’ll find an appropriate image.  We can play music by theme through Spotify, song request, or from any personal media device. You can also take advantage of our stage in the auditorium! The stage is elevated so adult supervision is required for younger kids.

Marquee Message

Please let us know if it would benefit you party or field trip to have a custom message or greeting on the marquee.  Messages can be up to 10 words long.  Location and spacing on our marquee will be determined by what other events we currently have advertised.

Discount Pizza

We get our pizza from Frankies Pizza in North Bend.  It’s $16 for a 16” cheese or pepperoni pizza. Each pizza is cut into 12 slices and will feed 8-12 children or 6-8 adults on average.  All other Frankies pizzas are available at their regular prices, including gluten free! A 15% driver’s tip is added to the final cost.

Reservation and Billing

Your reservation is confirmed by management via phone or email.  If you need a quote or invoice for your gorup, please let us know and we will accomodate you as quickly as we can.  Purchase orders can be sent to business@northbendtheatre.com or mailed to 249 Main Ave. S. Suite 107 / #307 North Bend, WA, 98045.