The True Adventures of Wolfboy
Begins Friday, October 30th


Paul’s a lonely kid living with his father in a run-down house in a run-down city. His life would be difficult enough without his defining physical characteristic: Paul has hypertrichosis, a condition which causes a thick coat of hair to grow over the entirety of his body. As such, he’s exposed to a heady assortment of bullying, isolation, and self-loathing.On the day of his thirteenth birthday, Paul’s life is disrupted when, provoked by an argument with his father, he runs away from home in an attempt to reunite with his estranged mother. In his travels, Paul encounters, befriends, and antagonizes an assortment of vivid misfits, including Aristiana, a young transgender girl, Rose, a lawless delinquent with a penchant for cars and armed robbery, and Mr. Silk, a corrupt carnival operator who may just be the Devil Himself.While being pursued by police officersand criminals alike, Paul must come to terms with his appearance, and ultimately learn the secret history of his familial heritage. Structured in the manner of a nineteenth century European children’s book, The True Adventures of Wolfboy is a coming-of-age tale infused with realism and grit, while still maintaining a sense of playfulness and fantasy. It’s a celebration of the unconventional and unloved.

Directed by MARTIN KREJC
88 Minutes


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