We Broke Up
Begins Friday, April 23rd


80 Minutes

Doug and Lori have been together nearly ten years.Then, days before Lori’s little sister Bea’s wedding, Doug spontaneously proposes.When Lori reacts badly, he dumps her.Unable to skip the wedding, they plan to tell the happy couple their bad news as soon as they arrive -but seeing how excited Bea is for her marriage to Jayson, they decide to pretend they’re still together.But as the wedding weekend progresses, they realize pretending is harder than they’d expected: emotions are raw between them, and they find comfort in flirtations with other guests. After Lori sees Doug being intimate with another woman, she confronts her ex -and they wind up back in bed together -and engaged.But the sudden spotlight on their relationship unearths deeper questions about their compatibility. When Lori accuses Bea of moving too quickly with Jayson, it leads to a confrontation between the two couples during which a shocked Bea learns about Doug and Lori’s lie.The next morning, theydiscover that Bea has run off, putting the wedding in jeopardy. Doug and Lori put their issues aside and help Jayson track her down.Realizing their connection isn’t as deep as Jayson and Bea's, Doug and Lori come to terms with the end of their relationship.As they come together one last time to dance at the wedding, Doug and Lori say their goodbyes to one another. “When we get home. What do we tell people?”“We say ... we broke up.”

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