Small Private Rental Information

Covid Restrictions

Masks are required at all times for unvaccinated individuals over 3 years of age except when eating or drinking.  Please practice social distancing between household groups or individuals.  Hand sanitizer is available in the theatre lobby.  Our lobby, bathrooms, and auditorium are cleaned as often as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Feature Film

You can view the feature film we are playing on the date of your rental or if the feature is not appropriate for your group or you are not interested in the current feature, you can bring a DVD or BluRay instead.  Internet streaming with your own streaming service login, and game consoles are also a possibility. Our feature film is subject to change until five days prior to the event. On occasion we can confirm our feature more than five days in advance but the process is subject to the powers that be and is out of our control.   

Food And Drinks

Concessions will be open like a standard movie show time.  You may order your concessions from the lobby like a normal show time.  You may bring in your own food, drinks, cake, candy, etc.  We have tables you can use in the auditorium.  If your rental is intended for adults and you would like to purchase alcohol from our bar, please let us know so that we can staff accordingly. 


If you have pre-show content or special content that you would like to test, we recommend showing up 10 minutes early.  Please let your booking contact know if you need setup time.

Screen, Music, and Stage

The screen and sound system are entirely at your disposal during your rental.  We can play pictures, slides, or video clips on screen before or after the movie.  Simply bring the desired media on a flash drive or send it by email in advance. If you don’t have any media or can’t decide, simply name a theme and we’ll find an appropriate image.  We can play music by theme through Spotify, song request, or from any personal media device. You can also take advantage of our stage in the auditorium! The stage is elevated so adult supervision is required for younger kids.

Reservation and Payment

Your reservation is confirmed via email and a deposit of 50% of the estimated group size, due upon reservation.  Marquee rental, pizza, or other special requests will be added to the base price.   Final payment is due at your rental.  Your deposit  will be emailed to you via Quickbooks and may be paid online or by check mailed to 249 Main Ave. S. Suite 107/#307 North Bend, WA 98045.