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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the theatre by having your ad displayed on-screen before each show. Please contact us at the following e-mail address to find out if space is currently available, or if your questions are not answered below:


The cost is $200.00 per quarter or $75.00 per month.

For non-profits the cost is $150.00 per quarter or $60.00 per month.


We now use a Digital Projector to show the ads on the Big Screen. Our ad presentation starts 30 minutes before every movie and your ad will show 3 times for 15 seconds each time. Simply email to us your ad and we will insert it into the PowerPoint presentation we use to display the ads. It can be emailed in JPEG or PowerPoint format. This allows you the flexibility to easily change your ads in and out depending on the season or your marketing campaign. The format also allows for movement within your ad while it is on the screen to help further grab the audiences attention. The ad is on the screen for approximately 15 seconds.

Email the ad to:

Note: The slide size in PowerPoint is 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio). If you are not using PowerPoint to design your slide, please note those dimensions. Anything smaller will have extra black area surrounding it.

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