North Bend Theatre
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The Theatre
Built in 1941, renovated in 1999. The theatre was awarded “Outstanding Design Project of 2000” from Washington State and also holds a Certificate of Distinction from King County for achievement in historical preservation.

Theatre Exterior        Theatre Auditorium

Before and After Pictures  (Click on images for more detail)
The theatre was renovated between October and December, 1999. Here are some pictures that show the changes.

Exterior - BeforeExterior - After
Exterior: head on
Exterior - BeforeExterior - After
Exterior: angle
Front Doors - BeforeFront Doors - After
Front doors
Lobby - BeforeLobby - After
Lobby 1
Lobby - BeforeLobby - After
Lobby 2
Back Row - BeforeBack Row - After
Auditorium: back row
Projection Wall - BeforeProjection Wall - After
Auditorium: projection room wall
Side Wall - BeforeSide Wall - After
Auditorium: side detail
Sconce Light - BeforeSconce Light - After
Auditorium: sconce light detail
Projection Room - BeforeProjection Room - After
Projection Room

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