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Mountain Film Festival

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2012 Season

Sunday October 7

Choose Your Adventure

Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Show Starts at 5:00 PM

Filmmakers Noah and Jonah Howell will introduce the film and host a Q & A after the film.

Beer garden sponsored by Friends of the Northwest

movie poster

The film features top backcountry skiers and snowboarders, including Chris Davenport, Jake Sakson, Andrew McLean, Seth Wescott, Dylan Freed, Noah Howell, Matt Reardon, Drew Stoecklein, Forrest Coots, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Chuck Mumford, Darrell Finlayson, Bob Athey, PY Leblanc, Jason Thompson, Todd Stuart and other mountain characters.

"We are playing with the theme of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those?" says Powderwhore athlete and co-owner Noah Howell. "Our interest lies in finding exotic locations and people with real stories and objectives. We wanted to tag along and capture their motivation for heading into the mountains. It's more of an authentic experience this way, instead of a staged video shoot. We traveled light and fast so we didn't interfere with the actual adventures as they unfolded."

In the end, "Choose Your Adventure" is a feature-length film that celebrates exotic locations, wild adventures, and inspired personalities.

Film by PowderWhore Productions


Sunday October 14

40 Days at Base Camp

Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Show Starts at 5:00 PM

Filmmaker Dianne Whelan will introduce the film and host a Q & A after the film.

Beer garden sponsored by Alpental B.A.R.K.

At 18,000 feet above sea level and over the course of 40 days last Spring, documentary filmmaker Dianne Whelan immersed herself in the challenging and captivating world of base camp at Mt. Everest. With spectacular footage of the mountains’ landscape as a backdrop, 40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP is an intriguing and intimate portrayal of three climbing teams and their journey to the peak.

Each spring, over 800 people attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Everest with a corporately sponsored team or as an individual climber, who can expect to pay up to $100,000 for the experience. With the film crew imbedded in life at base camp, 40 DAYS follows three climbing teams as they use the worlds’ highest peak as a stage for personal achievement or as a platform for their cause. In a style of direct cinema combined with video diaries of climbers woven into the story, we meet the Columbian, Indian and Canadian climbing teams.

movie poster

For more information on the film, and to watch the trailer, visit the official website at


Sunday October 21

Spread the Shred!

Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Show Starts at 5:00 PM

Sponsored by Boardshop 5420 in North Bend

movie poster

"Mind The Video Man" explores progressive freestyle snowboarding with those in the vanguard and those about to make their mark, while asking the question, "What's happening with the snowboard video, where is it going next and how will that impact our culture." Follow the video man and his crew as they push the limits of possibility and progression through creativity in an attempt to create something of meaning that will stand the new media onslaught and the test of time. Mind the video, man.

Riders: Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Ryan Paul, Ted Borland, Sean Black, Brandon Reis, Brandon Hammid, Nial Romanek, Chris Beresford, Sam Hulbert, Jaeger Bailey, Kyle Lopicollo, Curtis Woodman, and many more....

Film by Think Tank


Sunday October 28

Teton Gravity Double Feature!

Doors Open at 4:00 PM
First Show Starts at 5:00 PM

Jeremy Jones' Further

Award winning producers Teton Gravity Research are pleased to announce Further, the second installment in the Jeremy Jones snowboard movie trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher, presented by O’Neill.

Further will explore some of the world's most remote mountain terrain while continuing Jones' mission to camp deep in the backcountry and on the summits of unridden lines to access nearly vertical spines and wide-open powder fields. Join Jeremy and his crew as they push their minds and bodies Further.

Locations: Japanese Alps / Atomfjella Mountains, Norway / Karwendel Range, Austria / Wrangell Mountains, Alaska / Sierra Mountains, California

movie poster


movie poster

The Dream Factory

For the past 16 years, Teton Gravity Research has made the pilgrimage to America’s last frontier, Alaska: The Dream Factory. Throughout history, Alaska has been a place of dreams. From the early gold rush days, to the rise of commercial fishing, to the explosion of the ski and snowboard freeride movement, people have left everything to follow their dreams and journey to this foreign, mystical land. Like the frontiersmen before them, the pioneers of the freeride movement like Doug Coombs, Eric Pehota, and Trevor Petersen made the dream of skiing in Alaska a reality.

Follow TGR's modern day athletes on this cinematic voyage through Alaska's awe-inspiring expanse, rich history, and colorful characters. Watch as the TGR crew ventures from AK training grounds Jackson Hole, WY, and Pemberton, BC, and delves deep into the Alaskan way of life during a record snowfall year in AK, skiing terrain most of us only dream about.

For more film information, visit the Teton Gravity Research website.


Sunday November 4

Double Feature

Admission to the Double Feature is $10 for kids 3 - 12 and $12.00 for age 13 and over.

Pretty Wise

5:00 PM

People Films is proud to bring you a whole new group of riders for our 2012 film, Pretty Wise, featuring the natural talents of 11 rising stars and three veterans that will no doubt be leaving their indelible impression on the world of snowboarding.

Riders: Jason Robinson, Rusty Ockenden, Robbie Walker, Shayne Posposil, Jake Koia, Lonnie Kauk, Elias Elhardt, Johnny Lazz, Scot Brown, Marco Smolla, Mark Carter, Jason Dubois, Will Lavigne, Shaun McKay.



6:30 PM

They say the lack of sunlight affects our mood- that the natural balance of the human mind state quickly shifts with presence of the giant solar fireball in the sky. But this isn’t about winter blues or summer depression. Sunny is a mental disposition, and not just one reserved for beaches and fun parks. Level 1 injected a positive mood into the ski season – giving a dose of light therapy to dark northern landscapes of Scandinavia, Alaska, Japan and British Columbia. So sit back and relax, put your shades on and soak up the rays- the future looks bright.

Featuring: Parker White, Chris Logan, Mike Hornbeck, Tom Wallisch, Wiley Miller, Eric Pollard, Will Wesson, Torin Yater-Wallace, Tim McChesney, Ahmet Dadali, Alex Bellemare, Niklas Eriksson, Adam Delorme, Josh Bibby, LJ Strenio, Tanner Rainville, Logan Imlach, Spencer Milbocker, Sig Tveit, Lucas Stål-Madison


Sunday November 11

Kyle Miller in Person

Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Event Starts at 5:00 PM

ProGuiding in North Bend is sponsoring the evening and will host a "pre-func" in their store.


Sunday November 18

Reel Rock 7 Tour

Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Show Starts at 5:00 PM

The Dura Dura
Chris Sharma has been the "king" of sport climbing for 15 years, and has created a mecca for hard routes near his home in Catalunya, Spain. Now, the Czech wunderkind, 19 year old Adam Ondra, has come to Sharma's home turf to take the torch. Sharma and Ondra battle to establish the world's first 5.15c, while Sasha DiGiulian and Daila Ojeda shred women's standards with strong ascents of their own.

The Shark's Fin
Legendary alpinist Conrad Anker nurtured a 20 year obsession with The Shark's Fin, a spectacular unclimbed granite buttress on the 6,310 meter Mt. Meru, in India. In 2008 Anker, with Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk, endured a grueling 18 day push to get within hundreds of feet of the summit, only to be turned back. Three years later, the trio makes tough decision to return, despite Anker's deep family ties, and Ozturk's ski accident just six months before the trip, which resulted in a fractured skull, a broken neck, and serious doubts about going back.

Wide Boys
American offwidth climbing has spawned a counter-culture of rough and tumble characters who aren't afraid to bleed their way up a route. So when two proper British lads, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker, crossed the pond to eat up the gnarliest wide cracks in the West -- including the first ascent of the world's hardest offwidth known as Century Crack -- it came as quite a shock.

Honnold 3.0
Alex Honnold has become known as the boldest soloist of his generation. In this dangerous game, how does he balance pure ambition with self-preservation? From highball boulder first ascents to 5.13 free solos, from far-flung trad climbing adventures, to speed records on The Nose, Honnold wrestles with this question in preparation for his biggest adventure yet - the Yosemite Triple. In under 19 hours he climbs Mt. Watkins, El Cap, and Half Dome, 95% of it free solo.


Wednesday December 5 - Friday December 7

Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour

Wednesday - Friday @ 7:00 PM

Interested only in Banff? Tickets available here!

More information coming soon. For now, check out videos at:


Saturday December 8

Admission will be $15.00 for Adults (age 13 and over) and $10.00 for kids age 3 - 12.

Amateur Film Challenge Winners

8:00 PM

Amateur Film Challenge Winning films will be screened following the Downtown North Bend Holiday Festival.

Warren Miller's
Flow State

8:30 PM


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