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Christmas Classics Series

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Join us for classic Christmas movies this holiday season at the North Bend Theatre. Films, dates and times can be found below.

Hot chocolate, cider, and seasonal treats will be available at all of the shows.


Monday December 24

It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

2:00 PM

Admission is FREE!

A good but slightly ineffectual man tries to off himself after an error that really wasn't his fault. In Christmas Carol fashion, his crusty-but-lovable guardian angel shows up to give him a tour of the world without his presence, and it isn't a pretty place. Moral courage, small-town American life, civic cooperation, and family love are glorified; corporate greed and self-involvement are vilified; at the climax, a blanket of snow like spun sugar makes everything pure and clean like redemption itself.

2 hrs, 49 min, NOT RATED

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