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Opening Night Report, 1941

A reporter from the Snoqulamie Valley Record attended Opening Night on April 9, 1941. Below is a copy of the article that appeared on the front page of the local paper the next day.

Snoqulamie Valley Record April 10, 1941
New Theatre Opens at N.B.
Many Marvel at Beautiful Interior-Lavish Appointments-Excellent Sound

The opening of North Bend's new theatre Wednesday evening proved a gala affair. Guests were welcomed in the lobby by Manager and Mrs. Jay Tew and the builder Emmet Jackson and Mrs. Jackson.

The attractive foyer was made more beautiful by the arrangement of many baskets of flowers sent by associates and friends. The event developed into an "open house" with everyone visiting the power room and crying room and commenting on the handsome decorations and modern appointments before taking their seats.

The theatre which has been built, conforms to the latest standards in construction under the supervision of Wm. Blaisdell and Herbert Johnson. The building is 40 by 100 ft. of reinforced concrete and is the "last word" in theatre buildings. W.E. Stoddard of Meadowbrook is responsible for carrying out the interior decorative scheme - yellow and dark red being the predominating colors. With 412 deluxe seats, upholstered in red plush, it will be a real pleasure to watch the pictures.

Indirect lighting from beautiful fixtures at the sides of the main body of the theatre, and one of the newest innovations - a silver screen, back of the main red plush curtain, proved a surprise to everyone. This silver curtain, glistens in either gold or silver depending upon the lighting.

The furniture in the lobby, of cream colored leather, harmonizes nicely with the rich dark red carpet, the whole effect of the building and appointments being stream-lined in the most modern manner. The latest of sound equipment and air conditioning system, will insure patrons the acme of comfort. In fact, one might go on indefinitely describing the beauties of the new theatre and then not do it justice.

A large and beautiful Neon sign, which can be seen for a long distance has been erected in front of the theatre.

Mr. and Mrs. Tew and Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are to be highly commended on the successful completion of so beautiful a building.

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